If you are here it is because you are interested in betting. But I would like you to see the fact of betting as the final act of a process of actions . Sure, you can place bets without thinking too much about it in a few seconds. But in this way you would not have more options to hit your bet than those that chance or luck grants you. But we are here to find the formula that allows us to bet with foundation , right? Join us on a short but intense journey prior to betting.

Stage 1: Sport and competition

In the world of sports betting, betting on something you like is an essential incentive . If you are a fan of the NBA, it is clear that betting on basketball, and more specifically on NBA betting, will attract more attention than betting on tennis.

Placing your sports bets on the sport and the competition that you follow brings very tangible and direct benefits. Unconsciously you already venture to predict a result of a sporting event with a certain acquired knowledge . Even if you have never made an online sports bet before. Obviously, you can fail, but it will be easier for you to guess the winning bet on something you control than to get your prediction right on a sport you don’t know.

Stage 2: Collect Information

You have already decided the sport and the competition where you are going to bet. Now, we are going to inform ourselves with a certain specialization about sports news. Are there relevant casualties in any team? Are there penalties? We know that there are absences that mark the future of sporting events and it is something that you should be aware of if you want to bet on the internet successfully .

One more step in this stage of searching for relevant information is to enter the world of statistics . Let’s take an example of betting football: there are competitions that statistically tend to have more goals per game. Or, in the case of tennis, there is a Master 1000 in which it is difficult for the final winners to repeat among the favorites. Well, this type of data will give keys to take into account when it comes to knowing what we bet on every day.

Stage 3: Choose the Party well

We have already completed 2 of the 5 stages for informed betting . Once the competition has been chosen and we are informed of the current situation, we go to the phase of choosing the specific match or event on which we are going to bet. When you reach this phase, we ask you to please leave your shield, your scarf and your colors at the entrance. It is forbidden to get carried away by philias and phobias. We’re here to win, right? Well, there is no room to be a fan of a specific team or player.

Over time you will acquire the ability to really see the opportunities. Obviously, at first we recommend that you analyze in advance what statistics or news can influence your bet. It may not be the most attractive game of the day, but you will learn to enjoy the sport in a different way.

Stage 4: Diversify Markets

What are we betting on? If you want to bet online, we recommend that you discard the unique concept of Match Winner, heir to the traditional pool. There are dozens, hundreds of markets for major sporting events.

There are very specific betting markets that will vary depending on the sport. In a certain way, we could divide these markets into two types: some related to the specific event and others related to the competition. That is, the first ones have a short resolution, once the event ends; while the latter are more long-term.

But beware, these markets should not be underestimated in the long term, since with little money you can win great prizes. Do you remember the Premier League that Leicester won in the 2015/16 season? $5,001 was paid out for each Euro Bet!!!!

Stage 5: Bet

Once the previous phases are completed, only the final execution remains: betting. At this point, as seen in the video, it is very simple to do. But how could it be otherwise, we want to give you one last piece of advice: think carefully about the amount you are going to stake . Sometimes we are convinced that a bet is safe, but for sporting reasons, the favorite loses. It is something that happens. That is why you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify . Gambling is also a game of knowing how to invest your budget.

Another advantage for those who are not yet part of Sportium is that we offer new users a Welcome Bonus that allows you to maximize your initial investment and be able to bet with more money. Exactly, more for less.

In short, if you want to bet online , the best option is to register and take advantage of the Bonus offered by Sportium. And once you have the balance available in your account, put these fundamental tips into practice. We do not guarantee that you will always win, but we do guarantee that you are betting wisely and intelligently.