And it is that, as we have already mentioned to you, BlackJack is, of all the Casino games , the most popular within the card games (yes, even more than poker, although it is true that it has closed the gap in recent times). And it is because it is an entertaining game, fast-paced and, above all, very easy to learn, understand and master. We are going to detail how to play blackjack !

Let’s understand how to “master” knowing how to play quite clearly, not becoming BlackJack cracks. The basic rules of the game are simple (we will explain them to you in a moment) and the mechanics are simple enough that you do not have to think as much as in poker, for example. Here the important thing will be the blackjack technique you use!

So, if you like to play at the online casino from time to time and want to have a lot of fun without too much effort, we are going to explain how to play BlackJack. As they say, “muscadito” so that everyone understands it.

How to Play BlackJack: Basic Rules

Let’s see. Let’s start at the beginning of the beginning.

  • Blackjack is normally played by a maximum of 7 players
  • Players play with 2 starting cards and face up on the table. The croupier plays with one open card and one covered card.


In BlackJack , also called Twenty -one , the main objective is to beat the croupier with your cards, which must add up to a value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over (Getting exactly 21 is called Blackjack). So that?

  • Outscore the dealer’s hand (which can never be more than 21 either)
  • As you can see, in BlackJack the player basically competes against the croupier (a figure that, by the way, should be thoroughly studied, something for which we have prepared a great tutorial ).

Сard values

To achieve this, as we said, we will have to form hands whose scores bring us as close as possible to that figure of 21 points. Each card in the (English) deck has a predetermined value:

  • The AS scores 1 or 11 depending on the rest of the player’s hand at that time
  • Figures score 10
  • The rest of the cards in the deck score their face value

Having explained all this, let’s put ourselves in a situation: we have the croupier in front of us and the rest of the players at our side. We have already been dealt 2 cards, uncovered, and the rest of the players and the croupier have, in turn, theirs. How does the game continue?

What is ‘having BlackJack’?

A BlackJack is considered when a player adds exactly 21 points naturally, with only 2 cards , said hand being formed by a figure (10) and an AS (11).

Before finishing

Well… now that we know, in broad strokes, how BlackJack is played , what should we do? Let’s start playing without more? No way! It takes a good deal of time, patience, and a lot of practice to dominate a room through a Blackjack strategy for beginners , and then end up being a good player.

Also (and we have already explained this in other BlackJack tips tutorials ), we must always keep in mind that it is a very mathematical game . If you have a bit of mental greed, it is very likely that the player will quickly adapt to the mechanics of the game narrowing odds and plays with simple calculations in the head.

But beware! This does not mean that we are already experts, nor that we are going to become millionaires by playing BlackJack. As we say, you always have to play with a lot of head and responsibility, and give it a lot of time and practice before being regular BlackJack players in an online Casino.

How to play Blackjack Online?

Enter Sportium , select the table where you want to “sit down” and start enjoying online blackjack. If you are not registered, you must first register, it will not take a minute to be registered and playing an online Blackjack game.

Sportium is, without a doubt, the best place where you can start testing to get familiar with how BlackJack is played. All you have to do is register at Sportium Casino and start trying all the available modes: BlackJack surrender, Buster BlackJack, multiplayer Blackjack …

To start playing BlackJack online at Sportium , complete the registration form. Once inside, choose one of the different types of BlackJack present in our Casino. After each game session, you will know the summary of amounts wagered and results obtained, so you can keep track of your progress, winnings and losses, and thus control your balance.

How to bet on blackjack

The value of the bet is marked as in the casino, with a sign on the table that indicates the minimum and maximum bets.

A game will have a minimum of one bet, which will be made in order to play the round. For the dealer to deal cards, players must place a bet, at which point a card is dealt to everyone face up including the dealer and then one card to each player face up and one to the dealer face down. At this moment it is our second opportunity to bet in case the hand allows it, either because we split pair or double our bet